Sandy Point Unit detail

2 Bedroom & 3 Bedroom Floorplans

Every deck features a terrific river view!

Remember, only third floor Sandy Point Condo units offer cathedral ceilings.

To download a printable PDF of either plan, just click on either floorplan.

2 Bedroom Floorplan

Sandy Point 2 Bedrrom Floorplan

3 Bedroom Floorplan

3 bedroom floorplan.pdf

Be sure to check out the Sandy Point Condo features built into every unit.

MAY 5 - SEPT. 3, 2018


How do you decide on a floorplan?

Looking at floorplans is a great way to start deciding if a given property matches your 'must haves' and 'wish list'. Think carefully about what you really need. It's tempting to want a larger space, but bigger isn't always better - more space means more house to heat, cool, light, clean and furnish. This adds to your costs now and into the future. Good design that doesn't waste space feels great to live in and holds its value better.

Some things to consider

A good floorplan will maintain privacy for you and your neighbors. Bedroom position, along with things like the amount and type of sound insulation featured at Sandy Point, can have a great effect on the privacy, peace and quiet you have to enjoy.

When it comes to vacation property, it's also a good idea to consider how well the property addresses the need for easy access to the outdoors. Make sure there's an outdoor leisure area. Make a list of all of the properties amenities, like access to boat storage and the availability of a swimming pool. The right combination will add value to your property and make the time you spend there more relaxing and fun.